Star Trek: Discovery tv series
CBS' "Star Trek: Discovery" teaser poster Facebook/Star Trek: Discovery

The fan favourite character Harry Mudd (Rainn Wilson) will be back in “Star Trek Discovery” season 2. Wilson has confirmed his return on the sci-fi show in a message to the fans on social media.

In a picture posted on Twitter [see below] Wilson can be seen with what appears to be two fans dressed as aliens. “Guess who’s back!? (Ok, I’ll tell you.) #HarryMudd,” Wilson wrote. The actor also teased that there will be a “big announcement” on Thursday.

Mudd is a devious and selfish character who was the focus of one big episode in season 1. The character wrecked havoc on the ship, and nearly won, thanks to some time loop technology he acquired. It remains to be seen what new mischief Mudd will be up to when he returns.

While Mudd’s return may not be surprising, the character may not be seen in just the “Star Trek Discovery” TV series. The producers are making a four-episode spin-off series of shorts that will tie-in to season 2, and according to a report by Deadline one of these episodes will be about Mudd.

Each episode in the shorts will be just 10-15 minutes long. One character will be the focus of each episode. Apart from Mudd, Saru (Doug Jones) has been revealed to be the other character that one of these episodes will be about.

At the moment it isn’t clear what the big announcement on Thursday is going to be about. Whatever the announcement, the fans can expect Mudd to be a part of it.

“Star Trek Discovery” season 2 is set to air some time in 2019. The producers are yet to announce an exact release date. The plot of the season will be about Captain Pike (Anson Mount) taking over the ship to investigate a strange phenomenon across the galaxy.

Credit: Rainn Wilson/ Twitter