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Captain Pike (Anson Mount) will be in charge in “Star Trek Discovery” season 2. In a recent interview, Sonequa Martin-Green (Michael Burnham) teased what this means to the crew members of the ship. Meanwhile, a new theory explains what the red bursts on the show are and how they are connected to Spock (Ethan Peck).

In a recent interview, Martin-Green teased that Captain Pike will affect the crew in a big way, reports. The actress pointed out that the crew members of the ship went through “the ringer” with Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs), the captain from the Mirror Universe who was ready to sacrifice the lives of crew for his personal gain.

The traumatic events in the past season, where the captain manipulated the crew, has left the crew members with some PTSD, Martin-Green explained. This time around it will be different.

The crew members will be initially suspicious of Captain Pike, but he is a “deeply rooted good guy,” and this will have a positive effect on the crew. The crew of any ship is defined by the “essence” of the captain, Martin-green said. So, good things can be expected from the team with a good leader at the helm.

“He's soothing in that way. He's comforting in that way. And hopefully you will see us sort of galvanize because of that,” Martin-Green said.

As far Mount as an actor is concerned, Martin-Green said that she loved him, and that they have a great chemistry on the set. Mount and Martin-Green apparently lose themselves in their respective characters on the set, which should make their performance good to watch.

Meanwhile, a new theory explains what the red bursts are in “Star Trek Discovery” season 2. According to a report by this may have something to do with the “red matter” from the 2009 film. Spock uses this red matter to try and save Romulus, but creates a black hole instead.

The connection to the red bursts in the next season may tease the presence of multiple universes and the possibility of time travel.