The Sims 4 City Living DLC
"The Sims 4" next expansion will allow Sims to mingle in the big city of San MyShuno. Maxis

A new expansion pack is set to arrive for "The Sims 4" on June 20 called “Fitness Stuff.” As the name of the upcoming add-on connotes, the intent is to preach healthier living through workouts and teach Simmers to cut down fat and build more muscles.

Similar to other add-ons, there is, of course, the social factor. Like in real life, Sims get the chance to meet and converse with other Sims in the gym, where even some friendly competition may take place.

According to the official blog, "The Sims 4: Fitness Stuff" will bring in new pieces of equipment like a rock climbing treadmill. This should give Sims the chance to try out their toughness, adhering to the challenge of building muscles and stamina either through set goals or against fellow Sims.

The addition offers players a new kind of initiative. The new add-on is made even for non-adventurous Sims. Players who wish to stay in shape or burn calories can do so using the traditional calorie-burning exercises in the gym.

Speaking of gyms, players also get a chance to do some interior designing. Building décor and gym-related items will be available with a unique and suited gym that Sims would be enticed to exercise in.

Aside from the treadmill mentioned earlier, other stuff the players can use include a new sink, shower or a Jacuzzi. But of all the items expected to come, the climbing wall seems to stand out. It is filled with surprises that include sudden bursts of fire and lightning.

Fashion is not left out. Available are new fitness apparel, clothing choices and even a new set of wireless earphone that should help inject more energy to the calorie-burning activities for players.

"Fitness Stuff" is the latest DLC released by EA after "Parenthood." As mentioned in a previous post, the previous expansion pack came out on May 20 with breadcrumbs to a potential "Pets" add-on. It remains to be seen if it will follow after "The Sims 4: Fitness Stuff," something likely to keep gamers busy for now.