The Sims 4
The tragic clown will make a comeback in "The Sims 4." Electronic Arts

Fans of “The Sims 4” have been clamoring for more features for the game. And while the developer has not finalised any features that will be in upcoming packs, there have been hints and leaks from both the creators and fans’ datamining efforts.

The new Restaurant Style pack coming in Spring for “The Sims 4” has already been teased with a video trailer, seen below. In the video it shows some Sims enjoying a restaurant atmosphere, complete with a red-uniformed waiter.

There’s also the New Stuff Pack coming in summer 2016, also seen in the video. This seems to be part of the seasonal preview that shows off what Maxis and EA have in store for “The Sims 4” fans in the coming seasons.

For the Spring 2016 content, the restaurant-style pack is just the tip of the iceberg. It appears that the developer is also looking at bringing back the tragic clown. He is seen sitting in one of the tables in the video. For those who are not familiar with the tragic clown, he was first introduced in “The Sims: Living Large” expansion.

Apart from these rather definitive additions to the next “The Sims 4” content pack, there’s another possible feature that was just slightly hinted at. According to iDigital Times, the teaser video also contained a hint that may possibly pertain to unisex features like hair allowed for both genders of Sims.

Some of the developers, such as Sim Guru Sarah had also hinted that the speculation may hold a huge chunk of truth, as she tweeted that the hair really meant something deliberate. Sometime later, another tweet was spotted showing off a male Sim sporting a rather feminine do.

Sim Guru Trev even hinted that some fans may want to continue looking for more clues, as they are sprinkled all over the video.

“I’m pretty sure that teaser video has a couple things people still haven’t noticed,” he said over at Twitter.

Previously, Inquisitr had also reported that the Restaurant-themed game pack had also been hinted by other official sources. For instance, the source had spotted the Latin America Facebook page for “The Sims 4,” which had teased fans with statements like “sharpen their knives” or “Work on their cooking skill.” These apparently pertained to the upcoming release, and both of which heavily hint on some kitchen activities.

The developer will surely announce more in the coming weeks, but it’s possible that more fans will give their own two cents’ worth on what may be coming to “The Sims 4.”

"The Sims 4" new content teaser (Credit: YouTube/SimsVIP)