Splatoon amiibo
The Squid Sisters from "Splatoon" are the next amiibo to arrive. Nintendo

Nintendo has updated its website on the different amiibo figures that will be coming out this year. There are currently 10 coming between now and July.

The latest additions are Callie and Marie, the two Squid Sisters, both of which will be available on July 8 for North America and July 9 for Australia and New Zealand. Other characters from “Splatoon” will also see release in July, including Inkling Boy, Inking Girl and Inking Squid.

Coming in earlier this year in June are Kirby, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee and King Dedede from the “Kirby” series. There’s also Isabelle – Summer Outfit from “Animal Crossing” alongside series 4 of the “Animal Crossing” cards.

For those who are looking for amiibo deals and preorders, one toy retailer has an ongoing promo. Over at Toys R Us, the page has featured a time-limited deal. There is currently a buy get 50 percent off on another Toys-to-Life figures, video games, video game accessories and starter packs. The upcoming amiibo are also already up for preorders via Toys R Us.

To tease fans, particularly for the Squid Sisters, Nintendo has released a video, seen below, showing off their features. In particular, the amiibo shows a lot of fine handiwork, such as sparkles on the sisters’ suits, texture patterns on their outfits and even details like the corset pattern at the back of the dresses and the designs on the front.

In-game, Callie and Marie will have fresh performances, which will add to the new activities that can be unlocked with Inkling Boy, Inking Girl and Inkling Squid. The duo sisters will unlock new music and dance numbers.

Buying them will set back fans US$25 (approx. AU$33) for a two-pack release in North America and Australasia. Those in Europe and Japan can enjoy individual releases of the sisters, That One Video Gamer reported.

The Squid Sisters will also be released on the same day as Inking Boy and Inking Girl from the original “Splatoon.” They can be obtained either per-piece for US$13 (approx. AU$17) or as a three-pack bundle with Inkling Squid for US$35 (approx. AU$46).

Squid Sisters amiibo from "Splatoon" (Credit: YouTube/Nintendo)