The Simpsons Tapped Out
"The Simpsons Tapped Out" Wild West update brings Prospectors, gold hunting and more to Springfield. Electronic Arts

The next chapter to the Ol’ West story for “The Simpsons Tapped Out” is finally here. This time, it’s all about lawlessness and the adventures of The Kid With No Name as more prizes roll in for the next round.

Mechanics stay the same, revolvers now in the mix

Just as with any other “The Simpsons Tapped Out” event, the next act pretty much follows the way first act went. But this time, there’s a new currency that can be earned to craft daily prizes or exchange in the Store for more the event currency. This currency has changed from clues in Act 1 to badges in this round.

The main jobs for Apu and Homer, which are Sell Overpriced Supplies and Rile People Up respectively still remain. They will still earn pick axes and hats as in Act 1. However, for Act 2, Snake will now have a Star a Craze job at the Town Plaza. He will promote lawlessness, which will earn Revolvers. When players choose him to start the jobs, a handful of characters will be able take on the job “Abuse lawlessness” to earn revolvers. Some of these characters include Homer, Cletus, Belle, Buck McCoy, Gummy Joe, Apu, Moe, and the Rich Texan.

Players need to keep upgrading the Town Plaza to unlock more jobs for characters. This can be done by tapping on bandits and reaching a certain number to upgrade the Town Plaza. Town Plaza level 8 will open up a job for Krusty the Clown and level 10 will open a job for Wiggum.

Exchanging prizes at the Store

The mechanics are still the same for the General Store. However, revolvers are mixed in with the crafting items to be exchanged. For players who have saved up on pickaxes, which used to be the easiest to earn in Act 1, they may want to use the Town Plaza jobs to earn either the hats or the revolvers instead. This is because tapping on bandits can still bring out any of the three crafting items, and concentrating on sending characters to earn revolvers or hats will avoid any deficits in those materials.

The Store has some new items for the daily prizes. Unique ones include the horse trough and a wooden barrel. There are still more of the hitching posts and fences. But for those who are thinking of transforming a large patch of their Springfield towns into an Old West town will be happy to know that there are more rock formations available in new designs.

Act 2 Prizes and new items in the in-game store

Act 2 Prizes will bring in two skins, an NPC, a building and the usual event crafting materials. Snake will have an Outlaw Snake skin, while Bart can don his The Kid with No Name skin as the seventh prize in the lineup. For those who are building an Old West in their town, they’d be happy to know that a little tumbleweed will be an NPC, so that’s a nice touch. The Corral and Princess building tops off the Act 2 prizes.

Two new enticing premium items have joined the store. There’s Hootenanny Barn and Luke Stetson combo, who also has a job in the Town Plaza. There’s also a new structure, the Old Mine, which not only has a unique design perfect for the Wild West, but also generates bandits to help with Act 2. These two premium items are priced at 100 donuts and 180 donuts respectively.

Old premium items that are still in the store include the Wild West Film Set with Buck McCoy. This combo generates bandits and has a job for Buck. The Deputy Credentials, which can be used to clear out more bandits from friends’ towns, is still in the store, as well as he hitched horse.

Some items that can be obtained with in-game money are barrels of cow tongues, the frontier fence and the frontier gate.