Samsung And LG To Build Next Generation Foldable And Transparent Displays On Future Devices

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Samsung Electronics Logo
The logo of Samsung Electronics is seen at the company headquarters in Seoul March 13, 2009. Reuters/Lee Jae-Won

Samsung Display and LG Display account for 50 percent of the global market share for displays. In order to maintain their share, both the South Korean companies are rumoured to be working on next generation of display technologies to deliver unmatched user experience.

Samsung has already a curved display enabled Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy S6 dual edged display this year. According to Business Korea, Samsung is expected to release smartphones with foldable displays in 2016. Also, LG is speculated to start with the mass production of transparent displays in the near future.

The evolution of flexible display technology includes four kinds of stages such as curved, bent, foldable and rollable. The LG Flex 2 that was announced at the beginning of this year falls in the initial two stages. Hence, it will take some more time for both the leading display manufacturing companies to release smartphones with rollable displays.

Business Korea adds that an executive from Samsung Display has revealed to it that the foldable displays may become commercially available next year. The company had privately already showcased foldable display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014. The Samsung Galaxy Round that was released in 2014 does not feature a foldable display but a flexible display.

Flexible displays can be bent to a certain degree whereas foldable displays are the ones that can be easily folded like a piece of paper, states an older post from G for Games. Even if the display is bent, the picture quality remains intact.

Meanwhile, LG Display is speculated to be working on transparent display technology. Such kind of display has been used in fighter planes, advertisement hoardings, heads-up display for vehicles and more. An official from LG told the Business Korea that the company has already developed transparent displays and a sample model is available for promotional purpose. Since the mass production of the transparent displays require to meet the demand and consistent supply standards, it may take more time for devices with transparent displays to come out in the market.

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