The iPhone 5 crowd, not the Galaxy S III's specs and features, seems to be the focus of the newest Samsung ad to hit YouTube. Win or fail?

The latest Samsung "attack" has been met by another batch of funny and acerbic "Scumbag Samsung" across social networks. [See a sample below from]

Production of advertisement costs a significant amount of money. For this reason, marketing and advertising people are expected to design ads that will make people aware, informed and decided, so that they will act in response to ads. What reaction did Samsung hope to get with its new anti-Apple video?

It seems Samsung merely wants to keep its market by making it appear that Samsung buyers are the "smarter" bunch.

In analyzing the latest anti-Apple ads by Samsung, John Gruber of wrote:

"Samsung is not trying to convince would-be iPhone 5 buyers to change their minds. These ads are targeted at people who don't like Apple... Samsung isn't playing for first place, they're playing for second place - and that's worked out well for them."

Matt Hamblen of pointed out what some analysts are saying on Samsung's anti-Apple campaign.

"Analysts said Samsung will easily surpass in 2012 the $1 billion it spent on advertising last year, which comes atop the $1.05 billion a jury has ordered Samsung to pay Apple for patent infringement," he wrote, adding that some analysts believe the new ads could "backfire" on the Korean tech giant.

'Scumbag Samsung' Meme on

Hamblen spoke to Gartner analysts who said the new Samsung ad "does not show much innovation in advertising" and it is "probably not a good idea to mock potential buyers."

Here are some reactions from those who have seen the latest anti-iPhone 5 video by Samsung mobile:

Mailer Daemon Core [YouTube]: Yeah, because ads that alienate and insult your target audience are totally effective.

Patty O'Furniture []: I think a lot of people are just very sensitive and get defensive about the fact that the last two iphones have been catch up devices and that there are smartphones out there with more/ better features...

What do you think of Samsung's latest anti-Apple video? Is it an effective marketing move?