We now have a smartwatch that not just functions meticulously but looks extremely stylish. It is the Huawei Watch, aesthetically impressive and powerful. The specialty of the watch is that it allows you to customize its looks according to your preference. Let’s discuss why the watch looks premium and see how it functions.

The watch is inspired by classic designs of lavish watches that use cutting-edge technology to define the performance of the watch. The dial appears in a traditional round shape with scratch-resistance sapphire crystal used for its screen.

The feature that mostly counts in the Huawei Watch is that it not just looks smart on the outside but boasts of a very smart functionality too. You can enjoy both iOS and Android operating systems running in the watch. It has a built-in Wi-Fi network connection. You can now quickly make searches on the internet for any information that you are looking for with Google’s Now on Tap in the device.

The Huawei smartwatch also allows you to receive calls, receive and read emails and also text messages. This means that once you have synched your phone with the watch, you won’t have to reach out for your phone every time you receive a mail or call. You can accomplish all the tasks with the watch itself, says the official blog of Get Huawei.

Stay fit and healthy with the Huawei Watch because it has two significant fitness-tracking apps in it along with some Android wear apps. The ‘Daily Tracking app’ allows you to monitor the total number of steps in your walk and the number of staircases you have climbed. The Huawei fitness tracking app is the second one that lets you set a goal for the calorie count that needs to be reduced. This will help you realize the need of exercises to keep your calorie count in check, says WTVox.

You can buy the watch at US$329 (approx. AU$451) on Amazon.