New game-based series will be making its way to Netflix. It looks like this time around, the "Resident Evil" original series will be staying true to its gaming origins. The live action remake of this famous action-horror game will definitely bring both gamers and horror fans together to watch each episode of the series.

The "Resident Evil" series will start filming production sometime around spring. If all goes well, viewers could expect that the series will have its debut around September this year. As early as now, the team from Netflix are starting on the early stages of the show’s development. They also promised that the storyline will stay true to the original plot that gamers fell in love with. This is according to a post by writer Maryanne McCain of Truthimedia.

They also stated that each season will highlight solely on each game. Fans can expect that the first season will be about the first ever franchise of "Resident Evil." Along with this is the storyline which centres on how the T-virus became rampant and out of control.

There is a possibility that the "Resident Evil Zero" franchise will also join in the mix for the first season. Even though the abovementioned game is the fifth instalment of the "Resident Evil" title, it is the best pair up for the introductory first season. Storywise, it is the continuation of the plot of the first game. The story will further delve into the unsolved case of the S.T.A.R.S Bravo team in Arklay Mountains.

With these two games combined to create one season, it will allow the developing team from Netflix to have enough details to input as much of the game’s story into each episode. Fans are sure to anticipate how the series would portray a live action scene of Racoon City and how the Raccoon Police Districts elite soldiers would fight against the dreaded T-virus and how they would prevent it from spreading.

Furthermore, according to the report, there are still no details regarding the cast of actors who will be included in the series. All that was revealed was that the first season is slowly starting to progress.

Some fans say that the upcoming Netflix project itself is too good to be true. Other fans are hoping that it is a real upcoming title that would finally give the "Resident Evil" franchise its rightful live action representation. It might just be something worthy for "Resident Evil" fans to enjoy.