Lissy Verghese

Syrian war update: Aleppo evacuation back on track after the second deal

Evacuation of rebel-controlled districts of Aleppo is back on track after a second deal was set on Tuesday. It is expected to begin within hours, confirmed the Syrian military and rebels. The plan is seen as a road to victory for President Bashar al-Assad in his attempt to end years of fighting.

South Australian students to get free meningococcal vaccine

Students in South Australia are to get meningococcal vaccine free of cost. The attempt comes as part of a study conducted by the University of Adelaide in collaboration with South Australian Health. Up to 60,000 teenagers and adults are believed to benefit from the drive.

Facebook is asking users to flag fake news

Facebook is asking its users to flag fake news. The feature is available as a survey at the end of an article which asks the reader to rate the extent of misleading language used therein.

BMW remotely locks a car with an alleged thief inside

BMW's remote locking mechanism helped Seattle Police Department to nab an alleged thief. The 38-year-old man found the car unlocked and took it for a ride. When the owner reported the theft, police contacted BMW and requested for assistance. The company locked the vehicle remotely trapping the suspect inside and the police arrested him.

NASA’s EM drive produces thrust from nothing

Earth is getting crowded with every passing day. This forces man to look to the stars to live in. The situation gives rise to the idea of colonisation of space and the invention of EM drive, a space engine that moves forward without fuel makes it a reality.