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Facebook has launched a massive crackdown on fake news and it wants its users to help. The new strategy is a poll requiring users to rate the extent of misleading language used in the headlines posted on the platform.

The attempt comes in the backdrop of the severe criticism it faced for fake news that may have led to Donald Trump’s victory. The poll is available only to a limited number of users.

One user posted a screenshot of the single-question survey on Twitter.

The short survey appears at the end of an article requesting users to mark how much they think it has used misleading language. This according to Forbes is the first example of a feature where Facebook enlists the support of its users in its fight against fraudulent news. However, it is not clear whether the company will act on the data it receives.

Even with all these efforts, Facebook insists that it is a tech company. It works for profit, not to help the public act wisely. But there are those who think that the social networking platform affects the lives of millions. This fact alone entrusts it with the responsibility to fulfil certain social obligations.

Fortunately, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has adopted a different approach after the recent US election. He says that the rumour that fake news on Facebook led to Donald Trump’s election as the US President is baseless. He continued to outline a series of measures the company plans to undertake. Facebook will approach third-party organizations and fact-checking journalists. It will also post a warning beside the posts they have flagged. Its advertising networks won’t even let anyone make money using fake news, reports The ABC quoting Mark Zuckerberg.