Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg addresses the audience during a meeting of the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Ceo Summit in Lima, Peru, November 19, 2016. Reuters/Mariana Bazo

The net worth of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has fallen post the presidential win of Donald Trump. There has been a sharp decline of his net worth by approximately US$3.7 billion (AU$5 billion), per the reports of Forbes magazine. In Zuckerberg’s opinion, fake news on Facebook has resulted in such unfavourable outcomes.

Although the net worth of Zuckerberg has decreased, he still is one of the richest persons living on this planet. According to Forbes’ real-time rankings, the Facebook CEO is the sixth richest person living on the planet. The ranking has also stressed on the growing wealth of American billionaires post Trump’s election and the decrease in the wealth of the foreign billionaires.

The list is headed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, whose net worth is US$75 billion (AU$101 billion). Bill Gates is followed by Spanish businessman Amancio Ortega with US$67 billion (AU$90 billion). The third man in the list is Berkshire Hathaway owner Warren Buffett with US$60.8 billion (AU$82 billion), the fourth being Mexican telecom owner Carlos Slim Helu US$50 billion (AU$67 billion), followed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos with US$45.2 billion (AU$61 billion).

Forbes has suggested that this decrease may not be a result of Facebook fake news controversy but of the presidential transition. Zuckerberg has never endorsed a presidential candidate, not even Trump as reported by Time. He even posted on Facebook which showcased his views on the election. He also shared a picture on his social media page where he is watching the election results with his daughter.

Zuckerberg’s current net worth is US$44.6 billion (AU$60 billion).