A man use his iPad inside a local coffee shop in downtown Shanghai November 28, 2013.
A man use his iPad inside a local coffee shop in downtown Shanghai November 28, 2013. Reuters/Carlos Barria

Apple Inc. is exploring the possibility of expanding to smart glasses. The venture is considered tough but presents limitless possibilities. Smartglass is still in its developmental phase. The device will connect wirelessly to the user’s iPhone and facilitates images and Internet browsing. The company may use augmented reality for the purpose.

Apple has already ordered smartglasses in small numbers. But it has not acquired enough for mass production, according to Financial Post

A must-have venture

Apple is under pressure to deliver something as the sale of iPhones slows down. And Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook expressed his excitement about augmented reality. The rise of Pokemon Go, a location-based game that uses the technology, had spawned great enthusiasm in the market.

Apple smartglass is expected to be its first venture into the hardware market aiming at Pokemon Go.

The challenges

With the launch of smartglasses, Apple will become the latest to enter the bandwagon. Alphabet had introduced the same in the past, but the company had to discontinue it due to privacy concerns. Snap also had launched a smartglass in 2012. However, users forced it out of the market because of its awkward appearance. When it combined with privacy concerns, the exit appeared faster than the company expected, reports Inverse. The device was a video-camera sunglass.

These disappointments forced tech companies to turn away from Ar. They began to focus more in virtual reality instead. Google came up with a VR headphone along with its Pixel smartphone. Facebook also has teamed up with Samsung for a similar endeavour. Microsoft has the most famous product at present. HoloLens lets users view holographic images in their fields of vision.

Experts feel that launching smartglasses for Apple is going to be a difficult venture. Manufacturing small batteries powerful enough for virtual reality is almost impossible. Still, researchers feel that Apple might succeed in the long run. The company is known for the ability to turn technological advances into easy-to-use products.