Lisa Oldfield
Lisa Oldfield, a tech guru, businesswoman and a former politician's wife, is among the cast members of "The Real Housewives of Sydney." lisalocks16/Instagram

"The Real Housewives of Sydney" star Lisa Oldfield seemed to be planning to divorce her husband of 16 years, David Oldfield, less than 15 hours ago. She has now denied it.

The businesswoman and ex-politician made fun of her husband, calling her a “motherf----” on her social media account, where she also posted a meme of her “divorce lawyer,” too. See the post below.

"Divorce- to finally get rid of that a**hole," along with the caption "Kicking this mother**er to the curb," Lisa wrote on Instagram with the hashtags #byedave #byefelicia. Many fans have shown concern over the announcement, while others asked who Felicia is. However, the most controversial housewife then appeared on The Kyle & Jackie O show the next morning to downplay the Instagram post, saying it was because of her "second bottle of Bollinger.”

"I figured if I put it out there that David and I are getting divorced, I’ll get a free divorce lawyer," the 41-year-old joked on the show. She also told the hosts that she made David aware of her divorce plans a night before, when he asked about her plans for Mother's Day. Lisa replied to him, saying she wanted a divorce. But her husband did not pay much attention to it. He added that he was not planning to “spend that much” on their divorce but would go all the way to fight for the custody of their children.

Lisa and David's argument heated up when she “knocked him out in one punch.” She admitted that her husband and father of her kids is a "pain in the a**." Lisa is now reconsidering her divorce announcement. “I’d hate to split up the appliances, so we’ll probably keep at it. I’m a masochist,” Lisa said, as quoted by

Various media outlets are suggesting that Lisa's divorce post could be a publicity stunt for the Real Housewives' next episode, which airs on Sunday. However, David has denied these rumours, adding that he became aware of his wife's statements only through social media.

“I often find out about what’s happening in our family by reading about it in the media. But my children will not be finding out that way through anything that I say,” the stay-at-home dad said.

The couple has been married for 16 years and are parents to Bert, 4, and Harry, 6. However, their marriage has been on a rocky path since long to the point where they sought marriage counselling. "The Real Housewives of Sydney" airs on Sunday nights at 8:30 pm on Foxtel’s Arena.


Kicking this #motherfucker to the #kerb #byedave #byefelicia

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Meet my #divorce #lawyer

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