Prince Harry
Britain's Prince Harry arrives to attend the Christmas Day church service in Sandringham, Britain, December 25, 2016. Reuters/Phil Noble

Despite the public criticism of Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle, the two seem to have been deeply enjoying their time together. The two are not regularly photographed together, but recent sightings indicate that they are planning another vacation together.

According to Forbes, the Royal Protection Service was recently seen in Verbier, Switzerland, which the international elite and royalty frequent for their ski trips. The local residents of the area were quick to deduce that Harry would soon be making a trip with Meghan. The royal’s friends, most of whom have been off the market for a while, have apparently been pressuring the 32-year-old to plan a ski trip and bring the 35-year-old “Suits” star along.

Meghan has reportedly already met Prince William and Kate Middleton, but a vacation with Harry’s friends will likely prove just as crucial to their relationship. Meghan is a California native and it is unclear whether or not she has any talent on the slopes. Furthermore, the small circle of friends that Harry has grown up with have been with each other for years now. Whether or not the differences between the parties will be considered charming or awkward is yet to be seen.

Nothing at this point is set in stone, however, as it is possible that Harry will be taking Meghan on a vacation that will cater exclusively to the new couple. Furthermore, it is only local speculation that Harry will be visiting Verbier at all. It does seem likely, however, as the younger heir has been a passionate skier for years.

Moreover, Harry’s uncle and aunt, Prince Andrew and ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, purchased a ski chalet for US$17 million (AU$22.24 million) in 2015. The location is sure to give Harry and his guests -- whether Meghan, his friends or both -- some privacy. Not to mention that Verbier has been dubbed as one of the best ski spots in the world.

If the two do make their way to Switzerland, it will not be their first vacation together. Earlier in the year, Harry took Meghan to Norway in order to experience the Northern Lights with her. After the two spent New Year's Eve together, they set off on their trip. In addition to the spectacular Northern Lights, the two also took a lake trip and went whale-watching.

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