Pretty Little Liars Cast
The executive producer and stars of the ABC Family series "Pretty Little Liars" (L-R) executive producer I. Marlene King, actresses Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, and Troian Bellisario take part in a panel discussion at the Disney ABC Television Group Winter Press Tour 2011 for the Television Critics Association in Pasadena, California, January 10, 2011. Reuters/Fred Prouser

With the last 10 episodes of “Pretty Little Liars” hovering over the heads of the show’s fans, there is the fear that not all questions will be answered. But in the PaleyFest, which was held at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood last Saturday, cast and crew were onboard to affirm that all doubts will be settled.

“All the end games will be the end games,” The Hollywood Reporter quoted executive producer Marlene King. “But they’re not going to get there easily.” Executive producer Joseph Dougherty shared the same sentiments as he reiterated the idea. “Without hurdles, the prize is not worthy,” he said. “You have to earn your happy ending.”

The executives insinuated that while the Liars’ journey will soon come to a close, they will be going through tough times ahead. Instant gratification is not a likely possibility, and there might be some struggle to get through until answers are finally reached.

King, Dougherty and the rest of the cast were careful not to spoil any revealing details, but they were vocal with how “Pretty Little Liars” might make the fans feel. King, on her part, admitted that some members of their audience might not be thrilled at the ending. “But I think the majority of the people will be happy,” she shared.

Cast member Shay Mitchell also shared her excitement at the show’s final launch in April. “I’ve very excited for the show to air and to see the fans’ reactions,” Variety quoted her. “The fans can expect to be completely shocked but happy that all their questions will be answered.”

The publication confirmed as well that the panel audience were allowed to see the first minute of the final season before the cast and crew took the stage. The conversation that followed also included impromptu scene readings by Mitchell, Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackbell. They also spent some time reminiscing about their time on set and spoke about the sense of camaraderie that had developed.

“You can actually see that these girls, and everybody in the cast, actually care about each other on screen as well as off screen,” Benson said. “You can just see it. I think that it’s so cool to be able to feel that and know that it is real and genuine and that’s why it comes across.”

The second half of “Pretty Little Liars” season 7 kicks off on April 18 in the United States, where audiences can catch the remaining 10 episodes on Freeform. Australian audiences can meanwhile catch the series on Fox8.


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