Brendan Robinson, Pretty Little Liars
Brendan Robinson plays Lucas on "Pretty Little Liars." Twitter/Brendan Robinson

There are only 10 episodes left of “Pretty Little Liars,” and audiences are itching to finally learn who Uber A is. And while there are several fan theories as to who the conniving character is, there is one star who might spill the beans -- Brendan Robinson, who portrays Lucas on the show.

In an old interview with Fashion & Style, Robinson unknowingly spoiled the details about the true identity of season 5’s A. As fans of “Pretty Little Liars” now know, Charles DiLaurentis was revealed as A and that Charles and Cece Drake are actually the same person. It was confirmed on the show that Charles underwent a gender change in his teenage years and then began to go by the name Cece. At that point, the revelation was shocking and even controversial, but in an earlier interview, Robinson had already spoiled the entire thing.

“One of the theories I've heard, and someone I think would be really interesting, is Cece being Charles, starting life as Charles and now because of her own gender identity now identifies as Cece,” he said.
“That's a really interesting theory, but I don't know if our show would ever really tackle something like that.”

Robinson made it clear that it was just a theory at that point, but from how things turned out, he could very well lead fans to the actual Uber A. But as Refinery29 pointed out, Robinson was not part of “Pretty Little Liars” at that point and would likely not have been provided the script that held the big revelation. There is no obvious explanation as to why he could have figured out the same. Nevertheless, it did happen and the publication pointed out that he might be the key to unearthing who Uber A is.

Robinson has not appeared to comment on any other fan theories at this point, but there is some time until season 7B officially debuts. He could mention one or two things before then, so fans might want to be on the look out. “Pretty Little Liars” season 7B kicks off on April 18 in the United States, where audiences can catch the remaining 10 episodes on Freeform. Australian audiences, on the other hand, can catch the series on Fox8.

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