A poster of the 2018 film "The Predator." The Predator/Facebook

A new clip from the upcoming film “The Predator” has been released online. The video shows the big fight sequences between the two aliens, and the scene also teases what this fight is about.

There are two aliens in the upcoming film. The first is a regular sized alien that the fans will be familiar with. The other is the more advanced alien that has been genetically upgraded after so many of their species died on Earth over the years.

Although the presence of the two aliens has been revealed by the trailers of the film, what has not been clear until now is why they fight each other instead of joining hands to fight humans. The newly released scene [see below] appears to tease the reason for the fight.

Speaking in alien tongue, the larger Predator can be seen asking the smaller one about an object. Whatever it is, the smaller alien is unwilling to part with the information about its location, and the two fight about it.

The object in question may be the remote that triggers the return of the aliens at the start of the film. The trailers have already shown how a boy accidentally switches on a remote that causes a Predator ship to crash land on Earth. It remains to be seen what exactly this remote is and why it’s so significant for the aliens.

In the fight between the two aliens, the smaller one is expected to die. Judging by the promo material of the film this death will be most gruesome. The action will continue after this death, as the big Predator will then take on the human team.

Shane Black, who was cast member of the 1987 film with the same name, has directed “The Predator.” The film is set to be released on Sept. 13 in Australia.

Credit: 20th Century Fox/ YouTube