A poster of the 2018 film "The Predator." The Predator/Facebook

A new trailer of the upcoming film “The Predator” has been released online. The video teases a lot of action, humour, and a Predadog. This could be considered one of the best trailers of the film so far.

The video [see below] shows the first interaction of the rag-tag group of heroes, and the first time they see the alien together. The first person to face the alien appears to be Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook). His first interaction with the rest of the group will be in a bus, and they appear to be going to the site where the alien lands.

There is also plenty of action in the film. The most exciting scenes should be the fight between the two aliens.

The trailer also introduces the Predadog. The alien dogs have been a popular feature of the franchise, and it will be interesting to see this new iteration of the creature, and the function that it performs for its master.

There should be at least two alien Predadogs in the film, one for each alien. The size of the alien dogs may also be different, matching the size of their respective masters.

The action in the new trailer is intense. The video is much more gripping than the other trailers of the film, and the music in the background makes it that much more thrilling to watch.

The humour will not be restricted to the heroes fighting against the aliens. There are also many light-hearted scenes in the laboratory, where the scientists research the aliens, and examine the live body that is brought in.

“The Predator” has been directed by Shane Black, who was a cast member of the 1987 film with the same name. The film is set to be released on Sept. 13 in Australia and on Sept. 14 in the US.

Credit: 20th Century Fox/ YouTube