Preacher S2
Cassidy, Jesse and Tulip in "Preacher" season 2. Skip Bolen/

New trailer for “Preacher” season 2 has just released and with it comes the promise of what fans can expect from the show this time around. First premiering in 2016, the television series made its debut with Dominic Cooper portraying Jesse Custer, the titular character and the story’s main lead. Joining him is Joseph Gilgun, who reprises his role as Irish vampire Cassidy for the show’s second season. Also featured in the trailer for season 2 is Academy Award nominee Ruth Negga, who portrays Jesse’s ex-girlfriend, Tulip O’Hare.

For the uninitiated, “Preacher” follows the story of a small town (albeit unconventional) preacher who stumbles across an odd power that bestows upon him the ability to command the voice of God. The television show is an adaptation of the comic book series created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. While its first season acted as a sort of premise to establish the story and its characters, “Preacher” season 2 is where the action really begins.

As the show’s first season concluded with Jesse going on a road trip to find God, the trailer for season 2 kicks off with Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy on the road, with Tulip on the driver’s seat. The car ride only turns explosive (literally) as the trio is suddenly tailed by the police, thus launching the remainder of the trailer with bits and pieces of chaos and mayhem that fans can expect upon the new season’s premiere. Seeing as Jesse and his friends have now escaped the confines of their small town, more possibilities can now be explored as dangers are no longer limited to one location.

Notably, this second season also introduces what appears to be a new foe for Jesse and the gang while the trio simultaneously remains on the run from the Saint of Killers, who are on the hunt for Jesse. As the trailer features a mysterious group dressed in white, it has been speculated that these are actually members of the Grail. In the original comics, the Grail is an organisation aiming to protect the last of Christ’s bloodline until the arrival of the Armageddon.

Such speculations are further reinforced by the previous appearance of an unknown man decked in a white suit from the show’s first season. It has been rumoured that this mysterious entity is based on Herr Starr, a character in the comics who is associated with the Grail.

“Preacher” season 2 premieres on June 25 in the US. Watch the season 2 trailer of the AMC series below.

Source: YouTube/amc