Screenshot of Harley Quinn from "Batman: The Animated Series." YouTube/DC Entertainment

Batman is back, but this time around, he has someone else joining him in the Batmobile: Harley Quinn. The unlikely duo will be teaming up in the upcoming animated film from DC Entertainment, “Batman and Harley Quinn.” The animated movie will see the Dark Knight, with Nightwing in tow, joining forces with Harley Quinn as the trio go up against Poison Ivy and Jason Woodrue, also known as the Plant Master.

Kevin Conroy returns to the role of Batman, having lent his voice to bring the character to life since the animated television series, “Batman: The Animated Series.” Joining Conroy is Loren Lester, who will be bringing Nightwing to life just as he did in the popular '90s animated show. Aside from the aforementioned cast members, also joining the team is actress Paget Brewster of “Criminal Minds” fame. She will be lending her voice to Poison Ivy.

Voicing fan favourite Harley Quinn is actress Melissa Rauch, known for her role as Bernadette on the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.” While the Harley Quinn character first made her debut in the '90s animated show “Batman: The Animated Series,” she previously made her live-action appearance in 2016’s “Suicide Squad,” in which she was portrayed by actress Margot Robbie. Rauch stepping into the shoes of Harley is an interesting venture, especially since this will be her first time voicing the character.

“Batman and Harley Quinn” is an anticipated release, one that is especially being waited on by many due to the fact that it marks what appears to be a comeback for “Batman: The Animated Series.” Fans have been clamouring for a return of the show, and although the upcoming film is not exactly a new season for the series, it does go back to its “Batman: The Animated Series” roots. Not only are some of the original cast members back, the latest animated film will be executive produced by Bruce Timm, who will be reverting to his classic “Batman: The Animated Series” style that fans have come to know and love.

Furthermore, seeing as the team is not restricted by a network (as was the case with the original animated series), more mature themes can be explored with the new film. It will be interesting to see how the dynamics between the Dark Knight and Harley Quinn will manifest, especially considering their backgrounds. Batman lurks in the shadows to fight crime, whereas Harley Quinn’s loyalties have been rooted towards The Joker, who is known to be Batman’s nemesis.

"Batman and Harley Quinn" is slated for a release this summer through digital download and Blu-ray/DVD.