Photo of Liz Birdsworth played by Celia Ireland.

“Wentworth” season 5 episode 1 will dive into Allie’s comeback to the prison. The show’s official Facebook page reveals spoilers about the premiere episode.

The first episode of season five will be showing in just a few hours. However, there is no way of telling what will be in the upcoming episodes. The Wentworth Rat has given some clues as to what the first episode may hold. Recently, the official Facebook page of the show released an automated chat called the Wentworth Rat. This has been giving a few spoilers about the upcoming premiere of season five.

On the first day the Wentworth Rat was released, it revealed three names as to who might be the next top dog. This includes Sonia (Sigrid Thornton), Kaz (Tammy Hamilton) and the Freak (Pamela Rabe.) It is unknown who will be the next top dog. However, with these names in the lineup, many fans speculate that Sonia could be the one. Fans argue that the Freak cannot be the next top dog as many prisoners know how demented her mind is. In addition to that, she also killed Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack), who was apparently the most beloved top dog in the correctional facility. On the other hand, fans also do not accept Kaz as a top dog as she uses her anger to control the situation, which does not always lead to rational thinking.

Why Sonia for Top Dog in ‘Wentworth’

Fans of the series speculate that Sonia could be the next top dog. Although she does like the prison, she offers a demeanor of a leader. However, there is no sure way of knowing this. On the other hand, fans add the fact that she gave off a creepy vibe during the last episode of the fourth season of the series. Sonia was looking right into Liz’ (Celia Ireland) cell window to see her sleeping. This scared Liz a bit as she feels like Sonia really did kill her husband.

Revenge and cell toss

In addition to the names for the possible top dog character, the Wentworth Rat also says that there is a revenge plot and the Freak will need to watch her back. Fans wonder who will lead this revenge plot, but some say that it would be no surprise if it were Allie. A recent teaser reveals that Allie will be back in prison and she has already found out about Bea. According to the Showcase blog, Franky tells Allie about what has happened to Bea.

On the other hand, another teaser shows Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson) going into Bea’s cell and finds the place where the screwdriver that killed her was kept. Fans speculate that as the “new governor” Vera will have to order a cell toss to make sure that no deadly tools are lying around the prison in the hands of the prisoners. She may not want a repeat of what happened to Bea.

Fans are invited to go to the Wentworth Facebook page tonight at 9:35 p.m. AEST. They will be able to join the Interrogation Room to interrogate a "Wentworth" cast member after tonight's episode. “Wentworth” season 5 episode 1 will premiere on April 4, Tuesday. The show will air at 8:30 p.m. AEST on the Showcase channel.