From left to right, Sue "Boomer" Jenkins (Katrina Milosevic) and Maxine Conway (Socratis Otto). Showcase channel

“Wentworth” season 5 is only three days away from premiere. Fans have a lot of speculation as to who the next top dog will be and if Vera Bennett will be the new governor.

In recent news, it is mentioned that Vera “Vinegar Tits” Bennett (Kate Atkinson) will be the next governor of the Wentworth Correctional Facility. She was interviewed recently about the upcoming season. However, as with the show keeping mum about spoilers, it seems that fans have made up their minds that Vera is next in line for the job.

On the other hand, fans are also wondering who the next Top Dog will be. Many fans have numerous speculations, but there seems to be no conclusion as to who it can possibly be. The race for the next Top Dog includes Kaz Proctor (Tammy Hamilton), Allie Novak (Kate Jenkinson), Joan “The Freak” Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) and the unlikely Sonia Stevens (Sigrid Thornton). However, these characters have their own flaws that cannot top Bea Smith’s (Danielle Cormack) role. Fans constantly argue that the next top dog will never be the same as Bea as she was the best at the job. On the other hand, the official Facebook page of the show asks whether it will be "Kaz," "The Freak" or "Sonia."

‘Wentworth’ season 5 spoilers

According to Canberra Times, Vera may possibly fill in the governor position. However, for fans who are looking for spoilers, the show’s official Facebook page invites people to join its chat. The show has created an automated chat that asks people a series of questions wherein they will be able to grab some answers. One of the first things the automated chat room will ask is your name then it says, “What ya reckon? Want me to stay in touch and keep you up to date?” A small pop-up at the bottom will show up with a “Yes” or a “No” option.

If people keep answering the chat, they will be given a series of spoilers. A GIF of someone removing a ribbon from the prison fence will be sent. Along with that, another question will be asked if viewers blame the System or the Freak. Depending on the answer, viewers will get either a video of Francesca "Franky" Doyle (Nicole de Silva) and Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva) talking to one another in a graveyard or a video of the Freak in Cell 91. One more question will follow, and another GIF was given showing a hand holding a sock filled with something heavy followed by a link to the season 5 spoilers on the Showcase website. Basically, depending on the answer given to the “Wentworth Rat,” there will be different spoilers given.

“Wentworth” season 5 will be airing on April 4, Tuesday, at 8:30 p.m. AEST on the Showcase Channel.

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