'Powerless': Batman returns on television
"Powerless" series official poster. NBC/NBC.com

Original “Batman” actor Adam West will be making a cameo appearance on NBC’s show “Powerless.” The veteran actor will once again grace television screens as another new character of the show. But his arrival comes with a price that he will reveal once the said episode is released.

“Powerless” was able to get West to say yes in making an episode that is based on his iconic role in the '60s. His new role will allow him much screen time on the show as well as a chance to portray a different character. This time, West will not be sporting a bat suit but another powerful businessman in an upcoming episode.

In a previous episode, West was heard as a voice-over for a Wayne Securities commercial, the first time that the “Batman” star was part of the series. This time on “Powerless,” the actor will be playing as Dean West, the chairman of Wayne Industries.

West’s appearance on the show might be a treat to his fans. But at one point, it may also be a bringer of bad news, per Entertainment Weekly. During the Adam West episode, destruction and commotion will happen in Gotham City. This has forced the Wayne Industries to make a difficult choice and make hard cuts in order to keep the company open for business. Dean will deliver the bad news to workers of the company in Charm City.

Actor Adam West has been known well for his wide array of acting abilities. This is shown by his work in movies and television. His works include the likes of "Chicken Little," "Drop Dead Gorgeous," "The Big Bang Theory," "Family Guy," "Scooby Doo" and many more. His most iconic role is as Batman of Gotham City.

There is no word as to which specific episode West will appear in but it should be coming up pretty soon. Currently, a total of four episodes has already been aired and eight episodes are still in waiting. The third episode entitled “Cold Season” will be aired on March 9 at 8:30 p.m. EST on NBC in the US.

“Powerless” is a workplace comedy series set within a DC Comics-inspired universe. The show stars actors Vanessa Hudgens (Emily), Alan Tudyk (Van), Danny Pudi (Teddy) and Christina Kirk (Jackie). The series revolves around new employee Emily and her workmates as they try to save citizens who have suffered from an aftermath of a superhero saving the day.