Visual illustration of Marvel's "Inhumans" graphic novel. Marvel/

It appears that photos on the upcoming Marvel film, “Inhumans,” have spread all over the web. The aforementioned film is set to put the spotlight on actor Anson Mount, who will play Black Bolt in the movie.

The “Inhumans” filming crew has been spotted shooting in Hawaii for a scene including Black Bolt and his trusty animal sidekick Lockjaw. Apparently, photos have given viewers their first official look at Anton Mount suited up as Black Bolt.

Basing on the first glance at the suit, the movie may have taken inspiration from the comic book version of Black Bolt's costume. This will include the famous zigzag design on his outfit. The only difference is that the colour of the zigzag design is black rather than white. This version can be clearly compared to the Atillan costume of the said character.

Accompanying Mount in the set is a huge green dog that is also famously known as the teleporting Lockjaw. Lockjaw will be replaced by a full CGI creation for the movie. The photos have also revealed to their fans the possible idea of the size of Lockjaw and the fact that it will definitely resemble the original character’s appearance from the comics.

According to, unlike the original Marvel getup, it appears as if the production team has decided to exclude the character's iconic mask. Hopefully, this decision will not waver the judgement of many Marvel fans awaiting for this movie adaptation. The said photos can be seen at the bottom of the article.

On top of all this, Mount has changed his Twitter profile picture with the caption #newprofilepic. This is the first time the American actor has posted anything related to the “Inhumans” film since his casting and the movie was announced. The photo can be seen on Anson Mount’s personal Twitter account. (Also see bottom of article for photo.)

In addition to Mount giving life to the king of the Inhuman royal family, he will be working with Serinda Swan in the upcoming movie. The Canadian actress will be playing as Medusa, the crowned Queen of the Inhumans in Marvel’s “Inhumans” film. The movie is set to debut in IMAX theatres this September in the United States and will later on transition to a television series that will air on ABC. As of the moment, there is still no target date released for Australia.