Nightwing' movie director announced live-action film
DC Comics' Nightwing visual art from the original comic. DC Comics via

Another DC movie is currently in the works and a certain character sidekick turned solo hero will have his own franchise. The movie “Nightwing” will soon be included in the fast growing DC extended universe.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the live-action remake of the “Nightwing” has been announced and it will be directed by Chris McKay. Currently, the screenplay is being developed and constructed by “The Judge” screenwriter Bill Dubuque.

The story will revolve around Dick Grayson, who is now 20 years old. After becoming Robin, he takes the wing of Batman for a while. He protects Gotham but he must act fast when Red Hood (Jason Todd) plans to overthrow Gotham's underworld.

The “LEGO Batman” movie director has stated that the “Nightwing” movie will pose as an essential part of the DC universe that is now slowly evolving and extending. Therefore, a solo movie to showcase this hero’s story is only fitting to be done.

During an interview, McKay stressed that Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are both as different and similar to each other in terms of their characters and what they believe in. This topic was further elaborated on the Shanlian Batman Podcast.

The award-winning director further explained that Wayne and Grayson are “different” in terms of their upbringing. One example is that Bruce is more “stern and austere” while Dick is more of the opposite. Another is that both of them have different opinions and outlook in life and how society works.

On the other hand, even if they are different in many ways, both main characters share something similar. This is in line with their tragic past. Both of them have lost their parents/family due to a tragic accident. Both of them believed that the accident was intentionally done and that they need to avenge the death of their loved ones.

Another thing that McKay stressed about the movie is how he liked Grayson’s outlook towards the development of the story. “He’s this guy who has all these negatives and then even more negatives and yet he remains,” McKay elaborated. This particular hidden trait that Grayson has is what McKay would want to showcase on the upcoming movie.

The “Nightwing” movie still has a long waiting time to endure since there are still a number of movies under the DC category. The DC movie lineup still has the likes of “Wonder Woman,” “Aquaman” and “Justice League.” There are no reports yet about its release date in Australia but fans can get the chance to watch the “Nightwing” movie in cinemas by July 27, 2018 in the US.