Gabriella Wilde as Caroline Penvenen in "Poldark" TV series. Poldark/ Facebook

“Poldark” fans will know Gabriella Wilde as the young and rich Caroline Penvenen on the show, a character who helped Ross when he got himself into a pickle financially. The actress graces the cover page of the latest issue of Town & Country magazine, in which she shared her insights about the TV series.

It may be cute to see Caroline carry her little pug everywhere she goes, but it was no fun for the crew members on the set while filming. In an interview posted on Town and Country magazine website, Wilde said that no one anticipated the kind of problems they were going to face by having a dog on the set.

“They’re so noisy – Horace snuffled over every track so each bit of the recording had to be edited,” she said. Despite the challenges, the producers managed to get the job done, and the final outcome is there for everyone to see.

The dog is an important part of the character, Wilde explained. When Caroline is first introduced, she is shown to be this protected, naïve young woman who doesn’t have a lot of worldly experience. Just as a little girl has a teddy bear with her at all times, the pug took on that role for Caroline, according to the actress.

Wilde’s concerns while filming were not just with the pug. Just three days after being cast on the show, the actress found out that she was pregnant. Initially, they all thought that she won’t be able to make it in the seven month-long shoot. But then, Producer Debbie Horsfield felt that if Wilde is sure she can pull it off, there is no reason to stop her from joining the show.

The full interview of Wilde can be read in the Town & Country magazine. The fans also see the actress in “Poldark” season 3, in which she will be reprising her role.