Aidan Turner as Ross in BBC TV series "Poldark." Facebook/ Poldark

The madness and drama will continue when “Poldark” season 3 returns. The fans got a post-production tease recently, and cast member Eleanor Tomlinson teased some “great storylines” for Ross and Demelza.

The producers have shared a picture of Aidan Turner (Ross) recording his lines for the next season of TV series. In the dark room of the studio, where the actor gets to see the scenes filmed as he records the dialogues, Turner can be seen in a pink t-shirt. The Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR) is generally the last leg of the post production phase of development.

The fans also get a tease of one of the scenes involving Turner’s character. The picture appears to show Ross working, presumably in his fields. The character doesn’t mind breaking a sweat to get things done, and has always been ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with his employees and get his hands dirty to do what needs to be done.

After a lot of struggle, Ross finally managed to start making a small profit, which should be enough to start enjoying life in “Poldark” season 3. However, the business challenges are just one aspect of the character, so the fans can expect some high drama on the personal front this year.

In an interview posted on OK! Tomlinson pointed out how season 2 ended with a cliffhanger, teasing the possibility of Elizabeth (Heid Reed) being pregnant with Ross’ child. This year, the actress teased, there will be a lot of “twists and turns.”

For fans who are eagerly waiting to see some Ross and Demelza romance, Tomlinson promised some “great storylines” for the two characters. The young mine owner had managed to win over his wife by admitting his mistake and professing his love to her. However, things may change quickly between the two when Elizabeth’s shocker comes into focus.

Credit: Poldark/ Facebook