A picture of Aidan Turner as Ross [left] and Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza [right] from the TV series "Poldark." Facebook/ Poldark

“Poldark” season 3 episode 2 began with Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) working hard at the mine. Sam (Tom York) is one of the hardest workers there, and he is also gathering followers by preaching on the side. Drake (Harry Richardson), on the other hand, is still thinking about Morwenna (Ellise Chappell). The following article contains spoilers.

The highlight of the episode was perhaps the time when Prudie (Beatie Edney) spies Drake swimming shirtless. She makes a move on him by pointing out that she doesn’t have a man in her life to satisfy her needs. A nervous Drake slowly walks away from her.

Back at Trenwith, Morwenna is also thinking about Drake. George (Jack Farthing), however, draws a firm line for members of his family, forbidding them from meeting anyone from Ross’ family. Ross, too, has a similar rule for the members of his family, and that includes Demelza’s brothers.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth (Heida Reed) has to prepare for her son’s christening. She is having concerns about Geoffrey (Harry Marcus) becoming very close with Morwenna. This seems to affect her so much that she is neglecting her new-born child, refusing to pick him up when he cries.

Verity (Ruby Bentall) pays the Warleggans a visit to be a part of the big occasion. Ross hears the church bells ring but keeps his promise of not intruding in George’s life.

Meanwhile, there is news of British navy ships and a merchant ship getting caught in a storm. There are also reports of naval battles against French ships. Caroline (Gabriella Wilde) and Verity fear the worst.

Ross, Demelza and Caroline decide to attend a party thrown by one of the richest men in the county, Sir Francis Basset (John Hopkins), hoping to get news about Dwight Enys (Luke Norris). Ross is offered a position of magistrate at this party, which he declines. George later gets the same offer, and he eagerly accepts the position to climb the social ladder.

In the end, Ross does manage to get some information. He will have to use his father’s pirate contacts to try and rescue his old friend. The young miner sets sail to France.