Outlander parody
A group of young actors from Scotland create an "Outlander" parody video. Rowlands Drama Group

“Outlander” fever is spreading across the globe, but the passion and intensity is perhaps more intense in Scotland than anywhere else. Inspired by the Starz TV series, a group of young actors have created a parody video of a scene from season 2.

In this scene, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) was the first to bring potatoes to Fraser land. The first crop gave a yield of “giant potatoes,” which the children in the estate were eager to eat.

The Scottish actors changed the potatoes to parsnips for some “quirky fun.” So, parsnips became the root vegetable that was never-before-seen on Fraser land. Mrs Crook wants to grind them for porridge, because if she can make plans to grind potatoes, why not parsnips? Of course, such a dish may not be suitable for everyone, except maybe for King Louis (Lionel Lingelser).

It was Fergus (Romann Berrux) who suggested that potatoes can be eaten with salt. In the parody video, his place is taken over by Mary. Claire also has the brilliant idea of roasting parsnips or mash them with milk.

Claire isn’t the best cook in the world, but she does know how to boil parsnip, and that's more than enough for her Jamie, who likens the boiled vegetables to a feast.

The young actors didn’t have the budget Starz has for their wee production, but they are a dedicated bunch who seem to have had a lot of fun making the video. They are all part of the Rowlands Drama Group. Sam Heughan (Jamie) previously helped the group to participate in National Festival of Youth Theatre last year.

Heughan has been a big supporter of youth theatre. When he learned that there are no drama groups in the area and that members of the Rowland Drama Group have dreams of going to Drama College one day, the actor stepped in and made sure they got a chance to attend the National Festival of Youth Theatre.

Credit: Rowlands Drama Group

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