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The cast and crew of “Outlander” season 3 are now counting hours as filming is set to wrap in two days. Caitriona Balfe shared a new picture from the set of a beautiful sunrise. Meanwhile, cast members Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin seem to be learning from the playful banter that is common between Sam Heughan and Balfe. The two young actors indulged in some teasing of their own recently.

On the penultimate day of shooting, Balfe (Claire) was up early, and she took a snap of the sunrise to share with her fans online. The actress may have stayed up all night, with the production team doing a lot of night shoots in the past few weeks. The actress previously shared a picture of the moon that was taken around midnight on the set.

Meanwhile, Skelton (Brianna Randall Fraser) shared a picture online, showing how Rankin (Roger Wakefield) tried to play a joke on her but got caught in the act. The incident relates to the signing of the limited edition trading cards of the TV series. Both cast members signed on a card, but Rankin put in a few extra words in the space between the two signatures. The card then read “Richard Rankin is nicer than Sophie Skelton.”

Skelton spotted the prank and decided to add a few words of her own. After the modification, the card read “Richard Rankin is nowhere near nicer than Sophie Skelton.” The actress posted the picture online and said that a certain RR thinks that he can outwit a Fraser.

Commenting on the post, Rankin pointed out that the modification Skelton made is not grammatically correct. He added that such an error is not something the daughter of a historian should make, which is a reference to her onscreen father Frank (Tobias Menzis).

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Penultimate day shooting on season 3 ... ❤ #outlander

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