Pokemon Sun and Moon Lunala
Lunala is shown off as one of the Legendaries in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." The Pokemon Company

The new Pokemon Bank update has brought with it hopes of Mega Stones and Mega Evolutions in “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” The concept was first introduced to the Pokemon franchise by “Pokemon X & Y,” which gave certain fully evolved Pokemon a temporary power boost.

Pokemon holding a certain type of Mega Stone would get major boost in stats and also a cool new form in battle. “Pokemon Sun and Moon” initially moved away from the concept of Mega Evolutions, a major game mechanic in “Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.”

According to WWG, Mega Stones and Mega evolutions took a backseat in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” as the game focused on Z-Moves that any Pokemon can use. The Pokemon Company had earlier said that Mega Evolutions were still a part of “Sun and Moon” but they could only be accessed by players who have completed the main storyline. The Mega Stones are not found in the game as Pokemon Company initially allowed players to use only 300 or so Pokemon in the Alola region. This is where the Pokemon Bank update comes in handy.

As players can now transfer their Pokemon to “Sun and Moon” from older games, they now have access to all those Pokemon capable of Mega Evolution. The Pokemon Company will be holding a series of “Pokemon Sun and Moon” special events and distributions from February and it is through these events that the company will start releasing Mega Stones. Pokemon fan site Serebii has revealed that Pokemon Company’s late February online competition will have Beedrillite and Mawilite as possible prizes.

In order to qualify for the prizes, “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players will have to participate in certain number of battles over a specific period of time. Meanwhile, the Pokemon Company is going hard on players resorting to unofficial modification of game data. The ban is on players who used unfair means while participating in Rating Battles, Online Competitions and global missions. The studio has banned nearly 6,000 players and this is surely a stern warning to future offenders.