Pokemon Sun and Moon
The Pokemon Company has announced the arrival of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" later in 2016. Pokemon official website

The Pokemon Company is going hard on “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players who are resorting unofficial modification of game data. It has revealed an official statement stating that any player caught using illegal means to gain unfair advantage over others, will be instantly banned from the game. The ban is on players who used unfair means while participating in Rating Battles, Online Competitions and global missions. The studio has banned nearly 6,000 players and this is surely a stern warning to future offenders.

The banned “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players will not be able to participate in any future Online Competitions and will be excluded from the rankings of any Rating Battle they have participated in so far. They won’t also be allowed to use Game Sync, reports Video Games Republic. Banned players will receive the message, “The connection to Pokémon Global Link from this saved data has been denied,” whenever a banned players attempt to use Game Sync in Rating Battles or Online Competitions.

Similar to how Niantic tackled rogue “Pokemon GO” players, the Pokemon Company will keep on monitoring user accounts to check for any unofficial data modification. This is to keep “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players in line with the company’s fair play policy. It is to maintain a healthy gaming environment for users of the Pokémon Global Link. Meanwhile, players are upbeat about the new feature introduced, Pokemon Bank. It is the latest addition to the Nintendo 3DS game.

The Pokemon Bank application allows players to transfer their favourite Pokemon from other games such as “Pokemon X and Y,” “Pokemon Black and White” and their second version. This “Pokemon Sun and Moon” app is not free and has an annual cost of US$4.99 (AU$6.61 approx). Stay tuned on IBT AU for more Pokemon Bank updates and measures implemented to ban rogue players in “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”