Pokemon Sun and Moon
The Pokemon Company has announced the arrival of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" later in 2016. Pokemon official website

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” Trading Card decks are on sale now. Individual card packs won’t go on sale for another two weeks but fans can get a sneak peek at the new cards by buying three new theme decks on this weekend. The Pokemon Trading Card game will have a new series of cards featuring Pokemon characters from “Sun and Moon.” The entire “Pokemon Sun and Moon” card series will go on sale on Feb. 3. The new theme decks, “Roaring Heat,” “Bright Tide” and “Forest Shadow” are built around one of Alola’s Starter Pokemon.

According to WWG, the “Roaring Heat” theme features strong Pokemon such as Palossand and Bewear as well as Litten and its evolutions. “Bright Tide” will have a mix of Electric and Water Pokemon while the “Forest Shadow” theme will use a variety of Grass Pokemon and Kangaskhan and also Rowlet and its evolutions. These decks do not feature “GX” cards and super-charged cards that can be used only once per game. The new theme decks are good starting points for new “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players.

Meanwhile, Pokemon has also unveiled an Alola Online Friendly Tournament, the invite of which was shared on Twitter. The friendly competition will begin on Jan. 27, Friday and will commence on Jan. 29, Sunday. Currently, “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players need to register themselves via the Pokemon Global Link homepage. Players need to sign in to their accounts. The competition has a set of special rules and is a Single Battle competition. The Alola Online Friendly Tournament has limited the number of battles to 15 per day.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” players who take part in the competition will get a bonus reward of 50 Battle Points. Players need a Pokemon Trainer Club account, battle-ready team of Pokemon and the video game itself. Special Pokemon cannot be used. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on the “Pokemon Sun and Moon” Trading Card decks and Alola Online Friendly Tournament.