Pokemon Sun and Moon
Expect more information on "Pokemon Sun and Moon" in July. The Pokemon Company

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” is turning out to be a record breaker. It has recently smashed yet another sales record and is dominating the sales chart currently. Since the games’ mid-November release, the two games have sole about 4.5 million copies combined. Such incredible sales have also boosted Nintendo 3DS software sales, which reached its highest three month mark in Nintendo’s history. In December 2016, “Pokemon Sun and Moon” were in second and third position on the NPD Groups list.

According to WWG, “Pokemon” games, such as “Pokemon Sun and Moon,” have in general helped the video game industry to witness sales in record numbers. In 2016, the industry made US$30.4 billion (AU$40 billion approx). A part of this money definitely came from “Sun and Moon” while “Pokemon GO’s” amazing summer haul also pushed the numbers further. However, despite “Pokemon Sun and Moon” breaking short-term sales records, the two games still have a long way to go before reaching any Pokemon sales milestone.

During its top phase, “Pokemon Red and Blue” sold 31.8 million copies, something that no other Pokemon game has been ever able to beat. “Pokemon Sun and Moon” may surpass “Pokemon Black 2 and White 2” soon. Meanwhile, the much-anticipated “Pokemon Sun and Moon” Bank update is not more than two weeks away. The update will allow players to make transfers and its cloud service can be used to store pocket monsters on Nintendo servers. These pocket monsters may be traded to any Pokemon game playable on 3DS.

The “Pokemon Sun and Moon” Special Battle Season 2 has started from Jan. 17 and will run up to March 19. As far as Legendaries are concerned, only one Pokemon may hold a spot on a player’s team during Special Battle. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”

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