Pokemon GO
Many are considering the “Pokemon GO” Adventure Week as the most valuable event the game has ever had. The Adventure Week is a rock-type based event that aims to fulfil Niantic’s quota of one major event every month. The event is not centred around any particular holiday. Pokémon GO/Facebook

Mega “Pokemon GO” events have been planned in the coming months. Europe will be in focus, as revealed by Niantic CEO John Hanke. The events across Europe will be announced end of June or early July. Location issues are reportedly holding up securing locations.

“We're announcing today we're doing one in Grant Park in Chicago on July 22nd, targeting about 20,000 people ... a huge ‘Pokemon Go’ ... fest. There will be one later this summer in Okinawa, Japan. That one runs several days. Expect there to be several hundred thousand people at that event,” Hanke said at Symposium’s “Brilliant Minds” conference in Stockholm, reports Forbes.

There may also be a seven-day streak wherein players will have to snag a Pokemon every day for seven days. Niantic will also celebrate the first year anniversary of “Pokemon GO” in a big way, unleashing the “Fire and Ice” type event. The solstice event will kick off on June 13 and will continue until June 20. There will be an abundance of XP bonuses for throwing PokeBalls accurately. The in-game shop will also provide players with Lucky Eggs. The Event will then be followed by an update, which will introduce group-based gameplay features.

However, in order to prepare for the update, Niantic will have to disable the gyms for a short period of time. The “Pokemon GO” festival in Chicago will take place at the beautiful Grant Park, as already mentioned. There will be tons of exciting festivities. Japan will have its Pikachu Outbreak event, for instance.

According to Express, Niantic has increased its advertising promotions considerably in major cities. As part of the Celebrating Cities promotion, the billboards have been turned into PokeStops.

Trainers can engage with the billboards to collect valuable items. Niantic is celebrating a few of its top Trainer cities by acknowledging their accomplishments. New sponsored PokeStops have also started coming up even outside of US.

“With over 16M Pokémon caught in New York, 17.5M in London and 32.2M in Tokyo just yesterday, we felt that the best way to celebrate these local communities would be to publish these stats and call out these awesome cities ... Of course, there are many more cities and Trainers to celebrate out there and we plan to honour them in the days and weeks ahead,” writes Niantic Labs.

Meanwhile, technology giant Apple has announced a Pokemon GO-style iPhone and iPad augmented reality kit, the ARKit, through which, players can virtually place objects in one’s surroundings. [Don’t Miss It: ‘Pokemon GO’ looks stunning on iPads and iPhones via ARKit; ‘Fire and Ice’ event to provide major bonuses]