Pokemon GO
A Pokemon appears on the screen next to a woman as a man plays the augmented reality mobile game "Pokemon Go" by Nintendo in Bryant Park in New York City, U.S. July 11, 2016. Reuters/Mark Kauzlarich

"Pokemon Go" has once again ramped up some excitement, with word that long-awaited features will be coming soon. This is in reference to the PvP and Legendaries finally appearing – meaning more stuff for augmented reality gamers over the horizon.

Of the two upcoming features for "Pokemon Go," finally catching a glimpse of the Legendaries is what many will be eagerly awaiting. The best way to raise chances of such is to travel; players are unlikely to spot it while staying idle or frequenting a particular place. In short, "Pokemon Go" players must be willing to take the extra step to see rare Pokemon.

Speaking of steps, the American Heart Association recently published a study citing "Pokemon Go." According to the study, players who regularly engage with “Pokemon Go” are likely to be healthier compared to those who do not.

To prove their point, a handful of volunteers before and after "Pokemon Go" released had been gathered. It was revealed that players could walk roughly 2,000 additional steps a day and more likely reach 10,000 depending on how often they are logged in to the augmented reality game. The figures should be something to look forward to, particularly folks dealing with obesity or are looking to bring down their weight.

The results of the study may hardly come as a surprise, especially for those who play "Pokemon Go" the right way. With the upcoming Legendaries, "Pokemon Go" players will be left with no choice but to explore the world and hope they come across rare Pokemon.

Aside from the new features for "Pokemon Go," there are events to consider. One event reportedly happening is "Pokemon Go Ice and Fire," which will give players the chance to capture more ice and fire-type pocket monsters. There is no official word on when this will go down, though there are murmurs that it may happen in the coming weeks, according to a Twitter post from Team Evolution.

That should be good news for "Pokemon Go" players looking to beef up their PokeDex. Most are still busy trying to nab those Johto region critters, so it may be time to add more flavour to daily Pokemon hunting.

Tying that up with the health benefits, there will be a need to clearly take more steps in varying directions to satisfy "Pokemon Go" goals and fill in those lacking slots on one's PokeDex.