Pokemon GO
"Pokemon Go" latest update includes special items, which are hard to find. Facebook/Pokémon GO

"Pokemon Go" is still a gaming app most are into, although some are still resorting to bots and cheats to get ahead of others. The practice has been recurring, and some have paid the price through account bans.

Regardless, "Pokemon Go" players have found a way to work around these bans. However, the latest update comes with a bit of a twist. Gamers who continue to use bots will have their accounts flagged; it will not immediately result in a ban.

As a consequence, these flagged "Pokemon Go" accounts will no longer see rare pocket monsters and will be limited to common Pokemon. If so, this measure could signal bad news to gamers – especially with word out that new Legendary Pokemon are set to arrive this summer, according to Attack of the Fan Boy.

The move may not matter for now, considering that most have had a hard time locating rare pocket monsters reportedly out in the open. For those still playing "Pokemon Go" regularly, the anti-cheat protection measure hardly makes an impact since it does cover only the ones using unauthorised third-party programs.

For those who missed it, this is the latest anti-cheat measure Niantic has applied to "Pokemon Go." The first one came on May 6, an anti-snipping measure that only bot-users or exploiters may have likely felt.

Though it was not mentioned, it will be interesting how the new feature would affect other facets of the game. Will it include levelling up? How about the items from PokeStops? With no word on that, these may be areas left untouched.

The implementation of a technically soft ban for exploitive "Pokemon Go" users is a new tactic that may or may not work. At the moment, seeing the common critters out there seems to be a standard – meaning it may only be felt once a Pokemon rare is actually spotted by someone.

With the new append on the "Pokemon Go" Terms of Service, some may take these seriously while others may not. The option not to ban may be a move to ensure that gamers continue to play the game and avoid a huge drop among active users.

Niantic has experienced spikes for logged in users of "Pokemon Go," especially when a new update to gameplay is implemented. The effects of the new update should be felt by exploiters once Niantic does add more features, like the new Legendary Pokemon reportedly coming this summer.