Pokemon Go
Gianni Vitora, 11, plays Pokemon Go as he and his family enjoy the mild weather at the start of the Labor Day weekend ahead of potential storms on the east coast of the United States caused by Tropical Storm Hermine New York, U.S., September 3, 2016. Reuters/Mark Kauzlarich

"Pokemon Go" continues to captivate the mobile gaming audience with plenty of monsters to capture. With the continued improvements to the hit augmented reality game, Pokemon like Magikarp have been slowly forgotten in terms of importance even if they still do occasionally appear.

"Magikarp" did get its short stint of fame when the celebrated “Shiny Pokemon” came out last month. This had to do with the "Shiny Magikarp," which could eventually evolve into a “Shiny Gyarados,” Eurogamer reports.

Considered a rare find, most wanted one for their collection. But once the "Pokemon Go" event was over and done with, "Magikarp" went back to the tail-end of pocket monsters that could be collected.

Now, gamers have focused on new monsters from the Johto region. The "Magikarp" may have lost its luster, but a new game could help place importance on the water-type Pokemon.

"Pokemon: Magikarp Jump" has been launched for Android and iOS, the objective of which is to become the highest jumper of the world. It is a simple yet addicting new game which is free to download.

In a way, "Pokemon: Magikarp Jump" calls to mind fish games such as the iconic "Tamagotchi." For those who were not able to play that game, it was a digital pet game created by Akihiro Yokoi released by Bandai back in Nov. 23, 1996.

Comparing both, there are glaring differences between "Pokemon: Magikarp Jump" and "Tamagotchi." Aside from technology and presentation, the former requires gamers to feed them and train the "Magikarp" to get through levels.

The goal is to max out the level on "Pokemon: Magikarp Jump" set at 20. Once that is achieved, the achievements are passed on to descendants, stronger than the previous generation, Attack of the Fan Boy reports.

"Pokemon: Magikarp Jump" is quite basic to play. It requires the usual taps for one to control them at any level. A wide variety of "Magikarps" can be caught, each carrying varying patterns such as calico or polka dots. As one can see, this angle offers users a chance to show off their "Magikarp" to others in a race to come up with the best water-type pocket monster plus other elements on the side.

"Pokemon: Magikarp Jump" may pale in comparison to "Pokemon Go" as it tries to stir up something new. But for those who were around during the "Tamagotchi" era, this is one free game you should seriously check out.