Pokemon GO
John Hanke, creator of Pokemon Go and Chief Executive Officer of Niantic gestures during his keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, February 28, 2017. Reuters/Paul Hanna

According to latest reports, Apple has announced a Pokemon GO-style iPhone and iPad augmented reality (AR) that can virtually place objects in one’s surroundings. This amazing new technology can make mobile phone games a lot more exciting.

The new AR software will power applications such as these Pokemon games. The new ARKit was announced at the recent Worldwide Developer Conference or the WWDC. Developers will be able to make awesome apps using AR with the help of the kit. Fans, meanwhile, will be able to place and interact with virtual objects in their surroundings.

The ARKit could become the largest AR platform in the world right the start as millions of iPads and iPhones begin using it. In fact, developers provided impressive demos on stage.

With the kit, Niantic’s “Pokemon GO” seemed sharper and more stable on the iPhone, reports The Sun. The ARKit will be made available sometime later this year. Naturally, fans are expecting incredibly new apps to be released soon after.

Apple made interesting comments during the annual developer conference. It talked about a new upgrade for the Apple Watch and also a new version of the software that would power iPads and iPhones. More powerful MacBooks and iMacs will also ship at cheaper rates.

A recent study showed how AR games offer the right steps to a healthy living. The American Heart Association recently published a study stating that players who regularly engage with “Pokemon Go” are likely to be healthier compared to those who do not. To prove their point, a handful of volunteers before and after the release of "Pokemon Go" had been gathered. It was revealed that players could walk roughly 2,000 additional steps a day and more likely reach 10,000 depending on how often they are logged in to the augmented reality game.

The figures should be something to look forward to, particularly folks dealing with obesity or wanting to bring down their weight. The Legendaries are coming to the game, and players will be left with no choice but to explore the outside world and catch rare ones. Meanwhile, “Pokemon GO” fans are also expecting plenty of “Fire and Ice” Pokemon, though nothing has been confirmed yet by Niantic. The “Fire and Ice” event may start from June 13 and will end on June 20.

Fans may earn bonuses for Curveballs and First Throws, and also for Nice, Great and Excellent Throws. The event will launch in time for E3. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on “Pokemon GO.”