persona 5
It has been a while, but the wait for "Persona 5" has definitely been worth it.

“Persona 5” is the latest title by Atlus. Part of the “Persona” series, it tells the tale of a group of students fighting their way against psychological facets with their inner psyche (known as Personas). The group, later known as the “Phantom Thieves,” band together in order to steal corruption from the hearts of adults. While the game follows the typical formula that the Persona series is known for — that is, moonlighting as individuals with supernatural abilities whilst balancing school work and social lives during the day — what makes the fifth main entry in the franchise is how it grips audiences right off the bat.

The game begins with a thrilling chase against the backdrop of a Tokyo casino. It’s a more fast-paced launch than its predecessors, “Persona 4” and “Persona 3,” which were both set in small towns. The setting of “Persona 5” is also another noteworthy detail, as it provides a much busier and colourful location for players to explore versus the previous sleepy towns set in other games. With the game set in Tokyo, players have a much broader scope to explore. It even features famous Tokyo locations, such as Shibuya station.

Whereas “Persona 3” had Tartarus and “Persona 4” had the Midnight Channel, the latest title in the franchise has the Metaverse. This is where the Phantom Thieves target the corrupted hearts of adults. This dungeon aspect of the game is slightly different than what has been seen in previous games, as each targeted adult has a Palace that needs to be infiltrated in order to steal the Treasures that they hold. By doing so, these corrupted hearts are later rehabilitated, which will ultimately affect the game's society as well.

The newest "Persona" title has also seen tweaks in gameplay, particularly in its battle system. According to GameSpot, once an enemy’s weakness has been identified, simply tapping the R1 button directs players to the necessary move that will target an opponent’s weak point. Negotiations also make a comeback, allowing players to gain an extra bonus upon taking home the victory in battle. These bonuses may take the form of items, extra cash, or even having a monster take your side.

Though the newest Atlus title is stunning in its visuals and direction, one drawback to it is its localisation. As per Polygon, the game’s English script came off as a bit weak and watered down, which may ultimately take away from the plot and its impact to the overall gaming experience. Though Atlus claimed that the game had a substantial amount of translators and editors on a team, it does not change the fact that the game’s English translation could have been improved in the final product.

With nearly a decade between “Persona 4” and its successor, it’s safe to say that the wait has been worth it. Atlus has mastered the art of making everyday tasks engaging (even when there are many in real life who would much rather vegetate at home than step outside the house) while still keeping the original formula of making socialisations a key factor in story and gameplay. For those interested in checking it out, “Persona 5” is now available for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.