Screenshot of the "Persona 5" Take your Heart Premium Edition. Atlus.com

“Persona 5” spinoff games might be in the horizon for anticipating fans soon enough. Atlus, the game’s developer, was recently revealed to have registered several domain names related to the “Persona” series. The registration was done through RyusOffice, who previously assisted Atlus in other “Persona” events such as 2013’s “Persona Channel News Flash” and 2015’s “News Flash! Persona Channel 2015.” The registration of the new domains took place this April and include the following names: P5U, P5R, P5AG and P5D. Also included are Persona-Dance, P3D and PQ2.

While the names might not appear to give much information, “Persona” fans are already quite familiar with Atlus’ history of spinoff titles. The company previously milked the “Persona 4” series with several spinoff games such as “Persona 4 Golden,” “Persona 4 Arena” and “Persona 4: Dancing All Night.” The recent surfacing of the new domain names only suggests that the same treatment might be given to “Persona 5” as well. The domain registrations were first reported by Persona Central, which was quick to point out a previous interview with DJ Taku Takahashi in which he shared he had remixed music for a potential “next game” in the new “Persona” entry. DJ Taku's statement only further reinforced speculations of upcoming spinoff titles.

Taking into consideration Atlus’ history with “Persona 4” spinoff games, it has been speculated that the recently registered domain names are a clue to potential titles under the fifth main “Persona” entry. As Polygon points out, “P4D” refers to “Persona 4: Dancing All Night” in Japan, so perhaps “P5D” may pertain to an upcoming “Persona 5” rhythm game. Similarly, the “Ultimax” iteration of “Persona 4 Arena” is referred to as “P4U” in Japan, which suggests that the “P5U” name might be of the same nature.

These remain to be speculations for now, but the pieces all add up, especially with Atlus’ line of spinoffs in the “Persona” franchise. Its latest entry, “Persona 5” is somewhat different to other titles in that it is set in the city of Tokyo. Other games, such as “Persona 3” and “Persona 4,” were previously located in small town settings. Being set in Tokyo, this fifth title features major locations in the city, such as Shibuya station. For those interested in trying out Atlus’ latest title, the game is now available for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.