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“Overwatch” POTG or Play of the Game, is quite a mystery for its players. They are still figuring out the quadruple kill. It has an accurately-timed emote but it is ousted by turret bursts. Recently, the game’s director James Kaplan cleared all questions surrounding POTG who gave the statistics for the latest “Overwatch” patch 1.3.

Kaplan revealed that in Quick Play mode, Bastion is at the top followed by Genji and Torbjörn whereas in “Overwatch” Competitive Play, Mercy takes the number one position, McCree the second and Reaper third.

“Mercy is the only one that looks like she is getting an abnormal amount of POTG's. We'll look into her. The rest look normal relative to each other,” Kaplan said in the post.

Since Ana and Lucio don’t possess an AoE attack, team-wide mega-revive or a big burst like Mercy, these characters had the lowest POTGs. As per iTech Post, there are two teams in “Overwatch” Quick Play mode, the ones that are lost against turrets and the ones steamrolling them with precision. Genji and the Turret Boys clean up in quick play.

“Overwatch” has reportedly gone as expected with Reaper and McCree dominating Competitive Play with the help of their nightmare ults and close-range damage.

Blizzard is constantly tweaking the “Overwatch” POTG system with new variables as statistics may seem to support the concept that the game favours characters generating absurd offenses in short bursts while defence-oriented characters are sidelined. Blizzard may now be prioritising characters that are not damage-dealing death robots.

The system could be drawing heavily from “Overwatch” “on fire” mechanic. Numerous players have criticised and ignored the “Overwatch” POTG system as they believe the ranking does not do justice. This could be a sign of the system’s failure.

Kaplan also revealed that the “Overwatch” team, also known as Team 4, consists of 100 developers at this point who are constantly trying to better the game with new updates and strategies.