"Overwatch" is Blizzard's newest colourful shooter title. Blizzard

A new “Overwatch” patch has been made live on Xbox One and Windows PC. Blizzard Entertainment rolled out the “Overwatch” Eichenwalde map, character patch notes and new cosmic content. Unfortunately, “Overwatch” Sombra did not feature on this live patch.

Certain big changes have been made to Competitive Play in “Overwatch” Season 2 with the introduction of skill tiers that is expected to better communicate relative skill levels of players. A player’s tier will be prominently displayed throughout the game, revealed “Overwatch” Battle.net.

The skill rating system has been switch to a 1-5,000 scale to enable player have more information about how each match affects specific rating. The live servers have revealed the new emotes and the “Overwatch” Eichenwalde map content.

Through the Capture-Payload objective gameplay, players now can attack and defend the German castle. The new map is pretty large and requires long walks to be near the objectives. On the contrary, the castle is fairly small and may speed up the gameplay if the Offense team reaches the checkpoint.

“Overwatch” Season 2 character changes have also been applied to Xbox One and PC servers. The Sit and Laugh emotes are also included in the patch. Players can now make their character burst into laughter and take breaks. The “sit” emotes provides players a 360 degree view, writes The Bitbag.

Character nerfs and buffs have been included too, the most-notable being Genji nerf. Moreover, Hanzo, Mercy and Mei have significant buffs.

The “Overwatch” patch is also coming soon to PS4. Users are expecting the “Overwatch” Eichenwald map along with the Sombra update. “Overwatch” fans recently noticed an update on the game’s newspapers found in the game’s maps. “Overwatch” Sombra is believed to be the culprit behind the “Global Hacking Spree,” headlined in a newspaper.

“A Moment in Crime” website will hit the 23 percent mark on Sept. 6, same date for the “Overwatch” Season 2 update. Fans are waiting for new character Sombra to be included in the patch.