The Summer Games have started for "Overwatch." Blizzard

As per reports, Blizzard Entertainment has updated newspapers in “Overwatch” Public Test Region and more “Overwatch” Sombra information is expected to be released in the “A Moment in Crime” website once it progresses up to 23 percent on Sept. 6.

“Overwatch” fans recently noticed an update on the game’s newspapers found in the game’s maps. “Overwatch” Sombra is believed to be the culprit behind the “Global Hacking Spree,” headlined in a newspaper, reports The Bitbag.

Reddit xArDDe’s thread discussed the “Global Hacking Spree” headline but not much information could be deciphered as the full article is very difficult to read. However, it has been reported that the game developers are adding more content about “Overwatch” Sombra and her release date is very near.

Currently, fans are waiting eagerly for the “A Moment in Crime” website to divulge some information about “Overwatch” Sombra ARG. It is believed that the site will make the stunning reveal once it is 23 percent complete. The site is currently uploading information on Omnics, the game’s robot race.

“A Moment in Crime” website will hit the 23 percent mark on Sept. 6, same date for the “Overwatch” Season 2 update. Fans are waiting for new character Sombra to be included in the patch. “Overwatch” fans are often sent complex codes by game developers to be deciphered. The codes, if deciphered, reveal interesting details about “Overwatch” Sombra’s personality and hacking expertise.

However, many believe that Blizzard will not be releasing Sombra in September due to a tweet by the company’s official Twitter account that asked fans to mention the update that they are looking forward to the most. “Overwatch” Sombra was not even mentioned. Thus, it is possible that Blizzard may be planning something completely different for the new character.

“Overwatch” Sombra has long been teased through an Alternate Reality Game and if fans don’t get to see her soon, this may create uproar in the “Overwatch” community.