A new behind-the-scenes interview of the “Outlander” TV series has been released online. The video shows author Diana Gabaldon complimenting cast member Sam Heughan (Jamie) for having a great face and facial expressions that are suited very well for his character. Meanwhile, César Domboy (Fergus) has shared new pictures from the production sets of season 4.

“He has such a face, and I can’t tell you how many times I have, you know, texted him or emailed him and said ‘oh my god! Your face! You know... what he does with it,” Gabaldon said in an interview posted online [see below]. The clip is part of the season 3 Blu-ray that has bonus content such as this interview.

One particular scene that stands out in Gabaldon’s mind is the chess game between Jamie and Lord John Grey (David Berry). The specific scene she is referring to is the time when Lord John reaches out and puts his hand on top of Jamie’s. In this scene Heughan had to show his character fall apart and then gather himself, all in one second, Gabaldon pointed out.

There will be many more such scene to look forward to as the romance and adventure continues in season 4. Filming is currently ongoing in Scotland, and Domboy has shared a few behind-the-scenes pictures from the set online.

The first picture posted on Instagram shows Domboy in his full costume, but the fans only get to see a shadow. Fergus will be seen wearing a tricorn hat, just like Jamie did in the last season. The other picture on Instagram shows the actor casually standing at the entrance of his trailer.

The cast and crew are currently working on the last leg of the filming for “Outlander” season 4. The show is set to air in November. The producers are yet to announce an exact release date.

Credit: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment/ YouTube