A poster of Starz TV series "Outlander." Outlander/ Facebook

A new video with additional footage of “Outlander” season 4 has been released online. The video is about the friendship and bond that Young Ian (John Bell) and Rollo develop, and the challenges they will face together.

Rollo is a half-dog and half-wolf that Young Ian will get by sheer chance in the America colonies. The two will quickly become friends and spend a lot of time together.

A new video that has been released online [see below] shows the times the two will have together in season 4. From dealing with the native tribes to having meals together, the duo will have quite an adventure.

With the main theme of the video being “Man’s best friend,” the producers have asked the fans to share a picture of their Rollo in reply on Twitter. Many of the fans have already shared pictures of their family dogs and other pets, including cats and a rabbit.

When the fans last saw Young Ian, he was in the ship that got hit by a huge wave. While Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) were confirmed survivors, the fate of the others was not known. There was a hint that Young Ian survived because there was news of other survivors of the shipwreck nearby.

Young Ian is supposed to go back to his parents in Scotland, but by the looks of the trailers he will stay back with his uncle and aunt in the American colonies. It remains to be seen what kind of work the young man and his dog will take up in order to get by in the New World.

“Outlander” season 4 is set to premiere on Nov. 4. The plot will look at the events leading up to the American Revolution, and how the Frasers will get involved in the politics of the war.

Credit: Outlander/ Twitter