A poster of Starz TV series "Outlander." Outlander/ Facebook

A new behind-the-scenes video from the production set of “Outlander” season 4 has been released online. The video shows interviews with all the main cast members, including a comment from the newcomer to the show Maria Doyle Kennedy (Aunt Jocasta).

The main theme of the next season is home and family, and this is what the cast members of the show were asked about in the new behind-the-scenes video [see below]. Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) is from Scotland, and he considers his country to be his home. Caitriona Balfe (Claire) on the other hand has been travelling around the globe since she was 18. The actress called herself a gypsy and said that her home is her suitcase. She compared herself to a snail, suggesting that she takes her home with her wherever she goes.

Heughan pointed out that she has found a home with “Outlander,” with the cast and crew. Balfe agreed. Heughan then went on to tease his fellow cast member for living in “his” home, pointing to the season 4 set they were in.

The video appears to have been taken in the home Jamie will build with Claire in the American colonies in the next season. Heughan joked about Balfe needing to pay rent to stay there. “Not happening,” Balfe responded.

John Bell (Young Ian) also has a home in Scotland, with a lot of support from his parents and grandparents. “I’ve grown to really appreciate them and not take them for granted,” Bell said. The video also includes a brief comment by Kennedy who said that she considers herself to be extraordinarily lucky.

Cast members Richard Rankin (Roger) and Sophie Skelton (Brianna) seem to be affected by their respective characters on the show. Rankin said that home is where the heart is, which for his character should be with Bree. Skelton used the phrase “out of sight, never out of mind” to describe home, which for her character should be her parents.

Credit: Starz/YouTube