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A picture of "Outlander book series author Diana Gabaldon (left) and Executive Producer of the Starz TV series Ronald D. Moore (right) at the 2013 New York Comic Con. Outlander/ Facebook

Diana Gabaldon gave compliments to the cast and crew of “Outlander” season 3 for a job well done. The author, who has seen the first few episodes of next season and keeps herself updated with the filming, teased that this is the “best yet” from the team. Meanwhile, the co-executive producer shared the song “Looks like we made it” from Barry Manilow.

Just a week of filming remains for the cast and crew in South Africa. The actors can celebrate a wrap party soon, but the production crew will have to get into more action, editing and putting the final touches to what they have filmed. Complimenting the team, Gabaldon said that they have all “done a tremendous job.”

“They've really done a tremendous job--everybody, from the show-runners and actors and writers to the makeup and costume people and the crew,” Gabaldon wrote on Twitter. Replying to the comment, one of the fans remarked that if the author likes what the team has made, then the fans will certainly love it.

Gabaldon’s words were in response to Davis posting a video of the 1970s Barry Manilow song “Looks like we made it.” The producer also tagged cast members Sam Heughan (Jamie) and Caitriona Balfe (Claire), and co-executive producer Matthew B. Roberts. The team should be relieved with the news, as they have all been doing night shoots for the past few weeks.

The producers faced a lot of challenges this year, but it looks like they managed to overcome them all. The sheer scale of the production this year was so daunting at first, but the team is right on schedule to deliver another exciting instalment of the show to eager fans.

While fans patiently wait for “Outlander” season 3, the producers and the cast have been releasing teasers from the set. Gabaldon shares teasers and interesting fan-made content to help everyone make it through Droughtlander. The author shared a new “distraction” for the fans - a video of some of the scenes from the past seasons, and the song “Ain’t No Other Man” by Christina Aguilera playing in the background. The song in this case refers to Jamie.

Credit: Maril Davis/ Twitter

Credit: Diana Gabaldon/ Facebook

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